New Series

When your in your feelings, you act out based on how you feel because you are surrounded by those feelings. This month we are learning how to take control of our emotions so that they don't control us!

RYSL Classes

Are you a student looking to step up as a leader in RY Ministry? Download the application here and bring it with you Thursday.


Ever first-time Rebel that walks through the doors will get a chance at the Impossible Shot. Rules are simple, you make it, you win $50! Want anohter Shot? Bring a first time freind. You'll both get a shot. 


CREW NIGHT is when we break into small groups for group discussions games and competitions. CREW NIGHT is every 4th Thursday of the month.  Get connected with one of our CREWS on your first visit. 


Every other month we MEET UP at a different place to hangout, connect, learn, and grow. Check out our social media for the next MEET UP spot!


Fall Lock In

September 28th-29th we are having our first lock in! Food, Music, Games and Much more! Click To Register!